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Covid 19 Pandemic Information
Eaglesmed is committed to providing you with as much accurate information as you need to make informed decisions during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

It is important that you get information from reliable medical and government sources so you and your family can stay safe and make informed decisions. Below, Dr Chris Musah, owner of the Eaglesmed Medical Group, gives information about many aspects of the virus and ways to help mitigate exposure for you and your family. Dr Musah also gives you valuable information on how to stay healthy and new ways Eaglesmed is delivering physician care remotely during the Pandemic.

Dr Musah has created several very informative videos with details about the Covid 19 virus pathology; on staying well physically and mentally; and how you can help collaborate with us to create the best health care experience for you and your family. There are also links to book our Telehealth and Virtual Walk-in Clinic services as well as Government of Alberta and Alberta Health Services links.

If you feel you may have been exposed or you may be displaying symptoms click the Alberta Health Services link below.

Stay well, strive for health and thank you for choosing Eaglesmed.
Online Resources
Basic Concepts of Covid 19 Virus
Dr Musah provides details of the Covid 19 virus itself and how it spreads. He also details what Eaglesmed is doing and how you can help.
Eaglesmed Commitment to Health Care
Dr Chris Musah discusses how Eaglesmed has adapted to the Covid 19 Pandemic and resources that are available to you.
Total Health Approach During Pandemic
Dr Musah details a total health approach on how to achieve and maintain health for all aspects of your life during the pandemic
Important Links
Government of Alberta Covid 19 website. This site provides the latest figure, statistics and emergency measures you need to know about.

Alberta Health Services. If you think you might have symptoms of Covid 19 take the AHS Self Assessment test.

Eaglesmed Telehealth Services. Eaglesmed is offering physician appointments over the phone. Click the link / Email / call for an appointment.

Eaglesmed Virtual Walk-in Clinic. Physician appointments via video from the comfort and safety of your home. Click the link / Email / call for an appointment.
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